Monday, February 20, 2017

Black Star Track....

I haven't posted here in a looOooooOoong time. But as I was searching places to post this strip called "Black Star Track", I realized that setting up another tumblr, or blog, would be something else I had to keep up with, and since i currently only have plans to do about 10 or 12 of these, no reason to have a domain, or separate place for this now. Why not just post it to my website and blog. I have been wanting to get back to posting here anyway, and this gives me a reason to do so at least once a week for the next 10 or 12 (still not sure if I will do the extra 2 episodes or not) weeks.  So every week, (currently planned for Mondays, Black Start Track will be posted here for whoever to view for free. Some have signed up for it to go to their emails, but the main place for it will be here @ 

So with that said, here is episode 1.....

Monday, January 25, 2016

Just a super post....

I will be at Heroes Mini Con this Saturday From 11am-5pm with original art, prints, and talking about Fairy Tale Knights, and you can grab a pre order of FTK HERE!!!!!  I will also be on a panel speaking on Art, history, being black and whatever else comes up in convo this Saturday also. almost immediately following the mini con at Cross Roads School. More updates later, and as always, thank you to all who support or not! I appreciate ya either way!!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Quick Post

I have been buuUuuuuusssy!! But this is a print I will have for my appearance at Rebel Base Comics and Toys this Saturday. I will only be there for a few hours, but they will be having some amazing sales!! Come by if you can! Also, more info on FTK soon and next years shows!
speak soon,

Thursday, October 8, 2015

So, I have been really all over the place. I have been behind on updating on a regular, but I wanted to say that I had a great time at the last few shows I have been to. It's a great feeling when people support you and your craft, and even greater when people come looking for you to check out what you have in person. For me, I work freelance, and though i have been able to work on some amazing projects, it is still a grind to get better at what i do, and to get to a higher level of recognition. The truth is, in this game, it isn't always about your work. Sometimes, just having the right cosign from a person or company, can make a huge difference in how people support you. The idea is that if your "famous" then your work has a greater value. I have seen people who didn't know who someone was become excited becasue some says, he/she draws such and such or works on blah, bla, blaa. I have seen peers go from just making it, to being the it person at shows after getting to work on certain projects or being cosigned by certain people. It's the nature of many things in this world. You can be the same person, same skill sets, and that cosign change it all.... So for me, I don't often get selected to be a guest artist, or labeled as a "professional", despite actually being one. I don't stress it though, when people support, it makes it all feel worth it regardless of the politics. I am not upset at all. I just work harder, get better, and push forward!!!!

Now, recently I was in Columbia SC. The hurricane did some major damage in some areas, and people lost their lives.   In my own life I have dealt with some tragedy in recent months. I try not to speak on certain things too often directly, and rarely speak on my personal life. To those who went through the loss and where hit hard by this storm, my thoughts are with you greatly.... Despite all that was happening, Soda City Con was still a great show, especially on Saturday. I am thankful to all of you who came out, and talked, supported, and at least for a small bit of time, enjoyed yourselves with some other champions!!!! Soda City Con, I look forward to seeing you next year!!....

New shows may be added to my "News and Events" Page for this year, and I will be at TF Con Oct 17 and 18 in Concord NC.  That same weekend, Friday the 16th, I will have work on display at the Fillmore in Charlotte NC for Art Beats and Lyrics Presented by Jack Daniels. It's a free event you just have to RSVP or show up and wait in line.....

Now, last but mos def not least...... a HUGE shout out to everyone who helped fund my book Fairy Tale Knights!!!! My family, Jerale, and my soul thank you greatly for the help. Due to reaching and surpassing the goal, the campaign is back up and running in a mode called "inDeamand". It allows for funds to still come in and support the projects continued growth. I added a few additional perks, and the book can be purchased this was also of course!! The book is still underway, and i am working to make it as amazing as i can!! Updates coming soon!!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

We made it....

I just wanted to post a thank you here on the site, to all how have helped to get this campaign funded!! It means so very very much to me. My first ever campaign, I raised nothing lol. I recall feeling like crap, but still happy I learned a great deal during the process. The next one that followed didn't meet the goal, but it got close enough to show me that there were people interested in my properties as well. I just needed to work a little more and get them out better. Now comes this project, it started out faster than I expected, then hit a complete stop, then sat for a while, then began a slow creep back up. Then right when i looked away for a second.... it hit goal. I don't get super excited often, but this felt great. It means a lot to me..... 

So now i am attempting to hit additional goals, not just because that's what these campaigns do when they are funded with time still on the clock, but also because it can give me a chance to offer more, and spread the reach of the book out more, and possible give other artist I know some shine. Hitting the next few stretch goals would allow me to bring an artist or two in for variant prints and covers. Meaning I can spread the financial love to others and maybe introduce what they do to those who have supported me. So, if you happen upon this, please share the info, spread the link to the campaign Fairy Tale Knights   and if you haven't gotten the book, or a tee, or a book  mark, or something, please check the story and campaign out, and please share it. Thank you all, a few cons coming up soon, Soda City is next in Columbia SC, and more to follow!!! I will also be doing an in store at Rebel Base Comics and Toys on September 26th! come out and kick it!!! 
speak soon,

Monday, September 7, 2015

More promo for Fairy Tale Knights!! Spread the word and support how you can!! The Indiegogo Page