Monday, December 5, 2011

Charlotte ComiCon, My new book, my previous book, and more.....

So December 18th i will be back at the only convention that i have been blessed to be an almost guaranteed part of,  Charlotte ComiCon.  Check the link for full details, i will have a few new original drawings, some prints, and my good buddy Jeremy the Beast with be there. It's a great one day show, very good for the kids and adults. Its always a good show and Dave and Rick are the best so come out if you can. I also am working hard to ensure i am at Heroes as well as Baltimore next year. New York was amazing and there is talk of returning, and i am looking at a few other cons to check out. Also, i will be a part of Charlotte Comicon as well, and there are a few other cons closer to me that i missed this year that i am aiming to do next year......

In other news, i am working on Fairy Tale Knights (FTK), and no one has seen the current pages. I am feeling stronger about the art and the flow of panels, and the story telling with visuals. So bare with, the next two books will see the light next year, and i will finish out the 1st series by summer of next year with Jerale hopefully still on board. Again, the delay is all me, not him. I was just in a place artistically and it's a work in progress. NOW....

.....The pages above are for my return to a book i had put aside after a great start years ago originally called Black Panda. The new book adaption is entitled "Legend of the Black Pandas". It still holds some parts of the original story i wrote for it, but i have rewrote most of it, with plans for the original story later. The original will be come more of a kids story, not that this one can't be, according to what you deem ok for your kids, but this version is everything i love about Japanese anime, manga, and kung fu movies. I mean the old movies, White Lotus, Super Ninjas, Flying Guillotine, drunken Masters, Shaolin Masters, Shaolin Temples, 36 chambers, old dirty bastard, you know, the Gordon Lu, early Jackie Chan, Jet Li joints. I won't dig too deep in the story cause i have to help put a Christmas tree up in 2 minutes lol, but i am working to make this as fun visually as i can. I know it will grow and become better as i grow with the book and gain more confidence, but if it even looks some what interesting to you, then join me next year when it is released. I hope to build a team to help with the coloring, lettering, and even art and story as things progress, but at this second, it's just me. So next time i will update you on the general idea if the story. These pages are not in true sequential order, but there is a flow with them. SO check them out, i'll be in touch soon....


Saturday, November 5, 2011


.....I have been back from NY for a little while now, and hadn't really had a chance to update. I have never been major on tweeting, facebooking, myspacing, and now google + (plusing). But i attempt to make strides with it all. I am getting more active with up dates and general info. But posting about how good a sandwich is, or what shoe i put on first just isn't my thing. I don't feel i am that important to anyone.... lol. My dogs did have puppies last week, there are 3 remaining that are "unclaimed" so to speak. We are taking deposits now, though they won't be ready to go to new homes til december. They are American Pit Bulls, Purple Ribbon, and registered with the UKC. They will come with the first set of shots and deworming, UKC papers, and you Vaccine documents from the vet. We can ship anywhere in the U.S., the deposit holds the one you pick, and payment can be credit card, pay pal, money order, certified check, personal check (for deposit only). Males are $1000 and females are $1250. Pics can be emailed of parents and the remaining pups if interested. Email me and we can go from there. I am only mentioning this here because i never know who swings through my page, so i just wanted to make mention....    But now on to what whoever stops by here may actually care about lol.... side note: NEW YORK WAS PHENOMENAL!!!!! I will speak more about it, but i am going to do all i can to make sure i am there next year.....

  Ok, i have one commission that i need to get finished for a good friend who has been very patient, beyond that, i am open for commissions, don't forget that if you feel you may want future art from me or books, or tees, you can buy gift certificates of varied amounts from my store. They don't expire and can be used all at once or over multiple purchases.....

ok, so i am back working on Fairy Tale Knights, more layout work and designing of characters than final pages. On top of that i am working on re doing concepts for another book i have and working heavy on a book i started years ago and introduced in preview form at Heroes con. I was lost and so were those around me, lol, our understanding of art, books, layouts, etc has grown greatly. Still learning we are, but we have grown greatly, and i have a clearer direction with things now. So i won't say the name or what the book is about, just know that i have penciled a few pages and i am happy with them. Once i have neared the finish of the first issue, i will post art and pages from it, but i don't think it will be for sale til next year. I just want to take the time to do this and FTK correctly. I also want to get ahead on the issues and have time to seek out some possible help with coloring and maybe inks if i can get it worked out. But i promise you, i am working hard to make these books as powerful as i can.....
      Now a word on the independent life. People approach me at cons often and say to me; "your work is cool or awesome, or great, why don't you work for Marvel, Image, or DC....". I always explain it isn't that simple, and that honestly i don't fit the style i guess. I mean simply, my work isn't what is thought to be traditional. Don't get me wrong, that doesn't mean i wouldn't work for them, i draw their respective characters all the time. I would love to do covers or whatever else, but i went though a time where i was turned down, or simply told i wasn't good enough, and even that they "didn't know how to market the style". So i gave up the dream of getting in with them, and focused on just drawing and doing the art that i enjoyed and hoped that you the people would stand behind myself and others like me. The independent world is fun yet hard. I have seen artist who produce work 50 times better than some well know big names and treat people sooOo much better in person, but barely get attention because they don't have that company cosign or the same exposure. But they keep working and building. I keep working and building. We may never gain the success some of us deserve and work hard for, but we keep pushing. I have seen some give up, get beaten by the struggle. Others return. Hell, i was close to it many times. It took years for me to open up to doing books again due to a lack of confidence that a few friends helped me regain. But the thing i realized that i wasn't saying to those who posed the questions was, "YOU CAN HELP PUT ME THERE". If you the people rally behind an artist you like, and help them to build a name and a support base, it mos certainly does one thing, motivates them and with enough help does another thing, helps them earn a living, and as it grows, it does another thing, brings them n/eeded attetion that could but them in a place where /the big 3 and others not only recognize the talent of that artist, but seek them out. See just like in any business, the more a company feels it can benefit from working with someone or on something, the more likely they are to take it on or reach out to them. If an artist already has a self contained support base, then the company figures, hey, people follow and support this person, so if we use their work, it will sale our products. Sadly, the reverse is, companies could break artist as well. One decent toy collab, or cover illustration, or whatever, could expose a good, or great artist, to so many new people that may support. But it's a chance many companies want take. So i am saying to you all, YOUR support could be that difference. Don't keep an artist as your little secrete, pass the word on, help to get them known to others, and maybe it will lead to them doing a book you like with that style you want to see. Worst case, if they are like me, they will be greatly thankful. Plus doesn't it feel so much better to know you were part of someones growth and supportive of someone before they "made it" and everyone jumped on the wagon?
alright, off to the pages, the puppies, the struggle, will you join me?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New York Comic Con....

So, i will be in route to NY via train, yea i know 12 hours, tomorrow, and soon as i get there it's off to the room, then off to the Convention center. I will be at booth #2651 with my good friend Troy Hasbrouck from Jester Press Comics!!!!! So if your there, come by, pick up some books, prints, original art, and get some sketches done!!!! Or just stop by and say hi!!.  ok, so updates soon, new info, and oh yea, BACK TO FAIRY TALE KNIGHTS. Jerale has written an amazing story for book 2 and layouts for 3, 4 and 5 as well as side stories etc. I have been the delay, but for good reason.... an attempt at better art. So bare with, and if you don't have the prelude and book one either digital or physical, swing by the store pick em up and i will be up dating the books from here on with sample pages to show progress etc.
thank you all,

Sunday, October 9, 2011

New Sketch Book....

1st!!!! shout out to Rebel Base comics and toys, had a blast there a few weeks ago, met good people and had a great, great time. Also, i am going to be at New York Con with the owner of the store and owner and founder of Jester Press comics, Troy. I have to check our booth number, but if you are there, please stop by, say hello, check us out. I will be saleing a limited number of the new batman print i finished called "Dusk" there, as well as my sketchbook "DayDreaming @ Nite, episode 1". @ $5 each, i think it's a pretty ok deal, the book is 20 pages and is in my online store with free sketches being offered when purchased due to the price being higher online. The reason the cost is higher online is shipping and packaging. I use to try to cover that cost, but it seems like everything else, the cost to ship has increased. I lost money shipping a few items recently, which is okay in some circumstances, but it can be costly when this is part of how you feed your kids. So to all who support, please know if a price goes up, or seems a bit higher than when at conventions, it is simply the cost to produce or ship that made this change. not me being greedy. I will always do all i can to keep my cost to those who support me down, please know this. Ok, i have a smash brothers piece and a few other things to finish, then pack, go get some items, and prep for NY. thank you all

Monday, September 5, 2011

Coloa Con, New York Con, Sale on ALL PRINTS, staying busy!!!!

News....Updates.... Info.....

   Ok, so first and foremost, i want to thank the wonderful people behind the Columbia South Carolinas Cola Con. This event was amazing!!!! Not only did it combine art and music, but it was held in a Museum. Not sure about Museums in other areas, but it's not often you see comic books, skateboards, graffiti, hip hop, live bands, and just dope people in a Museum, yet alone a gallery in some places. I have put together many events, been a part of many events, and had a blast at them all and look forward to many many more.... but Cola Con was something different within itself. The support was phenomenal, and it really showed how the cultures are unified and diverse, yet still work in harmony. Something the rest of the world needs to understand. It was beautiful. I want to thank all who supported in any fashion, coming out, being a part of the artist, buying, giving stuff away, speaking, laughing, performing,  taking pictures, asking questions, actually making this happen, however you took part, thank you. I hope this can happen again next year, long as i know in advance, and a slot is open, i am there, even if i find out last minute i am there. This was one of the illest (meaning dope, meaning cool, meaning i loved it) events every. I would love to see it happen in Charlotte, maybe with the right people it can. The Battle Slam Jam made a move in that direction, so maybe. But it was great to say the least.
     Ok, so i am having my first official but not official in store at a comic book shop. I am by far not the guest of honor or anything, but i was invited to come set up shop and hang out a bit. So September 17th I will be at Rebel Base Comics Comics and Toys, hanging out as they celebrate Their anniversary. They will be having music, food, drinks, 30% off toys and statues, 50% off all comics (except new releases for that week) and 25% off trade paperbacks!!
The address is:
701-C S, Sharon Amity
Charlotte NC 28211
number: 704 442 9660
I will have some prints, original drawings and doing sketches and such. Come out if you can.

    New York Comic Con. Ok, so i am getting ready for NY, cost is a bit high to say the least for this trip lol. SO to help ease the pain a bit, i am offer a discount on my 11x17 prints as well as original drawings. SO go to my online store from the tab up top, go to the prints section, any 3 prints ordered will be discounted by $18 dollars. So 3 prints would normally cost $30 if they are the $10 prints. Select your prints, put in the discount code, 3for12, and presto, $18 bucks will be deducted. You can buy the same print, and keep adding more to your order, if you order 6 prints, then it will still only carry a deduction of $18, but this would still be lower priced than normal and it covers shipping as well.  This sale will be for 14 days, so act now if interested. Also, it is not limited to just what is in my store, if you go to my portfolio page and see an image that catches your eye, then email me and if it is an image i can sale, it's yours. I will send you an invoice via pay pal, you can pick 3 from there, or mix and match between my store and the portfolio. Doesn't matter, just has to be at least 3 prints.
    Also, i am taking commissions at a discount to raise funds also and reducing price of orginals that i have. If you want to see the originals i currently have or know what i am working on, email me i'll send you a few pics of finished and works in progress as well as a list of what i am going to be doing. These will range in size from 9x12 to 11x14. Mostly black and white, some will have hints of color. Price, $10-$15. If you have something you prefer, that's cool also, These will be $15, that includes shipping and handling, on 9x12 Bristol Black and white, if you want color or a larger size, let me know we can work out the details. I will take these as long as i can, just email me.

ok, so off to finish up a few things that are over due a bit and begin the next thing!!!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Baltimore and emails....

Ok, so, there was a good bit of support for our book Fairy Tale Knights. I want to say thank you to all for that. I took emails specifically for the book, and unfortunately a few of them didn't work. This could have been an error on my part, not sure, but if you gave me your email in Baltimore and signed up to receive the digital version of book one via email, and have not gotten yet, please email me with your email address so that i can compare with the list i have and figure out whats stopping the email from reaching you. There were only a few that did not go through, but I want to be sure that I get the book to those who showed interest and supported. For the delay i do apologize.

    Also, i wanted to let those of you who had commissions that were to be mailed out to you from the con know that they are hitting the mail today and tomorrow. So by next week you should see a little package in your mailbox, p.o. box, or on your door step from me. From there i have some other work to finish up for clients by next week, and looking forward to working on much, much, much more. So drop me a line!!


Monday, August 22, 2011

Baltimore Comic Con

So I am back home from Baltimore comic con. I enjoy the comic conventions every year.  Being on the independent side of the illustration world, it's always a challenge. You don't have a huge following, if any at all, and your always taking a chance hoping people will like your work and support. To top it off, your going toe to toe with artist who have gained names and earned position in the art world. Its a joy and a pain, it's motivating, it's all you could ever ask for, a chance to show what you can do. At times you feel unsure, you see that some like what you do, but you still haven't broken into the mainstream, you still don't have the "following" some have. You find yourself doubting yourself. But you have to remember, if people don't see you, if your not at least out there, no one will know, no one can support, and you will never know what you could have become. Who you could have given joy with your abilities, or influence, or inspiration, or the people you could have touched or been touched by. What i realize often in a nut shell is that you may as well try.....

   This year has been pretty amazing. I knew when i began to go this route it wouldn't be "easy". People ask me and some seemed amazed that i haven't worked for any of the majors. Honestly, most of us would love to, but it has been years since i tried to work with the majors, though i would if the chance came, but i made up my mind i would work as hard as i could to build a name for my work, to meet as many people as i could and i knew it wouldn't mean instant success. This year a lot of the ground work has been paying off. I'm still not where i want to be, but i may never be, but i won't stop working towards it.
   The con season started with Charlotte Comicon, as always it was fun and i loved it. Heroes Con was amazing this year, people who have seen me over the years there continue to support and some expect to see me. Not to mention my convention family is growing. Shelton was busy as always, but still helped me and my crew in a major way when we needed him. I am greatly thankful to him for it.  Then it was back to Charlotte Comicon. People came out in beautiful numbers. Maybe the largest crowd ever, and Rick and Dave made sure everyone had a blast. I loved it. I sold a good number of prints and originals. Then came Baltimore Comic Con. It woke me up. I loved it there last year, the staff and organizers are always so nice and treat us well, and for the size of the con, they haven't forgotten the thing some bigger cons have.... the Artist. At the end of the day it is business, but it feels good to have cons who still care about the little guys and gals. Especially for us on the indie circuit. So this year was even more wonderful. People remembered me, my work. They came back to speak, buy, just see what i had going on. A few friends I made last year came by and checked on me, and spoke a few works that encouraged me even more.One good friend defined what we do as art. Not just comics, but true art. I owe him a Smash Brothers drawing. One couple i consider friends from last year wasn't there long, but the smiles on their faces and a few words before they parted gave me hope and inspiration. I don't know if that was the intent, but either way i appreciate them and they were a big part of why i pushed to come back this year and i hope to speak to them again soon and most certainly hope to be there next year. 1st it was Red Sonja,   Then Spidey, i'm gonna work on something special for them. Besides them, i met a lot of people, spoke with many great talents, caught up with my friend Chrissie, and gained support from a lot of people. The words of kindness, the expressions, the commission list, the sold out prints, the books sold, the good conversations, the kids smiles, the adults smiles..... man it was all so cool. I know this is a long entry, but to those who do check the site/blog, i just wanted to express my gratitude to you all from my adventures this year, speacial shout out to John Watkins Chow a great inspiration and to me friend. I could go on and on, but i just wanted to say thank ypou to all the Conventions so far, the people, to those close who support, and even those who don't. I thank you. People who don't know me have faith in me, or at least what i have been blessed to do. I am thankful. Ok, so The Cola Con, it is September 2nd. Then,  New York Comic Con in Oct13-16th. I am still working out the room accommodations and possible options outside of a room, but i will be there. After that is the Charlotte Comicon in December.

again thank you all, hope to see or hear from you, now off to some work i have to finish from Baltimore.....

Sunday, July 10, 2011


aight so i have the new tees coming, new designs coming, and here are more new prints you can buy in my online store and the other tees coming soon. If you want any of these or want to know more before they make it in the store, let me know. SOME of these are in the store as prints....

Also, i got word that the Wizard Atlanta show has been canceled.  I will still be hitting Atlanta for some other shows not comic related, but at this point the Atlanta Wizard show is a no go.

I could update more, but i have a few books to finish illustrating. More info soon,

Friday, July 8, 2011

In S.E.L.F. we TRUSt....

just a tee design to be in the store soon and a new print/ banner design. One of which has a typo that wont be in the final version, it's late i been drawing, reading, studying, and designing for a few hours, forgive me.... there is a reason for the images and what is seen within, but i won't go into all that, if you realy want to know, reach out, i'll explain.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Aight, so these are some of many tees i designed for my peoples who run Hard Core Street N.E.R.D.s. They are a small group who prides themselves on being true to self. They currently have a blog site where when not tied up in other business matters they are working on, they post on games, art, music, life, gear, cars, custom items, etc. I send them info that gets posted from time to time, but they are working on a company, part of that is the clothing line that i am doing some designs for. They have a few other designers as well, but they are kicking it off with a few of mine. So i don't think they are posting these shirts yet, but i was given the go ahead to post these and start selling on my site til they have revamped their blog and web site to come. So any who, check em out, these will be in my store soon, if your interested before i get them up, email me and it's a pay pal transaction away from yours.These current post are low rez digital graphics, so they aren't as pretty as it will be in hand.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Rebels Code.....

My apologies if you expected to get some sort of semi deep rooted "code of ethics" for rebels or something.... Instead what is above is me learning to create and alter "QR" or Quick Response Codes. You know the things you can scan with your cell and get all sorts of good information that can easily be passed on to others  without having to write anything down, or take a card, try remembering what you were told. These have been used in Japan for a while now, and have slowly become popular here in the US. This one just links you to my site which if your reading this, you already know the URL, but the cool thing is you can send a pic of this to others and from your phone or there's, another person can simply scan the bar code with a bar code reader for the type of cell they have and BAM!!!!! they now have the site as well. You can embed all types of info in these things, but i am practicing with simple info and incorporating some design as well. This one is pretty simple, the coded emblem has some images inside it, i have seen some more detailed stuff from over seas and i am working on that as well. Any who, scan away, most readers or scanners are free and can be found in your phones respective "market". I will do some stickers soon and a few more versions as time goes on.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Still at it.... updates and such....

ok, so, i'm one guy, but, i am working on it all!!!! UPDATING my store to include prints as well as a collabo tee i just recently did, as well as some original art i still have available. Also, wanted to post some work, and say i am working on some freelance design work as well as 2 books and growing daily with the work i produce. Thank you to those of you who support and have continued to watch me attempt to get better at this....

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rebel Star Studios

I had a blast at Heroes Con this year. We had a great location, good people came by, and it was pure fun. I didn't meet my personal goal, but i did pretty good. We moved books, i stayed busy with commissions, and i sold a good amount of prints. I met a colorist i hope to work with in the future, and a project i am working on with a friend has been approved up to this point and as soon as i do the final few pages, and he gives the ok, i will be posting some of the work. I have a lot of work i am doing for the Comicon in July, and that work will carry over to the Baltimore and New York con, as well as others i am doing this year. I will be posting some of the other work soon, just bare with me, also i will be reworking my portfolio soon, adding some new images and such. So, bare with me, updates and more soon!! Also we are working on Book 2 of Fairy Tale Knights, and the prelude and Book 1 are up for sale and digital download now!!!!! 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Super Smash Brothers

This is just a quicl phone pic, but it is a few of the Super Smash Bros.... characters. It is Copic Mark, ink, and white out on 2 sheets of 11x14 Bristol. $60 if interested, let me know. 


Sunday, May 15, 2011

new work and such....

Ok, so these are a few f the many pieces i have held in the stash for the up and coming conventions and such. The top 3 are available for sell as various sized prints. Email me for info, or catch me at a convention this year. I also posted up my "DarkKnight" black and white drawing. It is on 11x14 bristol, ink and whiteout pen, and it is for sale @ $40.00 USD add $5 if an international buyer. If i don't sale this before heroes con, i am pretty sure i will sale it there. I have many more in the stash including the originals for the colored versions above as well. I will post the prices and pen and ink versions soon.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ok, so i am back.... again....

So, i have not posted much here or on deviant art, but there is valid reason. I am in the midst of working on this new clothing line as well revamping my original line. Finishing Book 1 of FTK and beginning Book 2, prepping for Heroes Con,  catching up on freelance work, and a few other more personal matters as well..... so here are some old images from a while ago that some of you may not have seen, new work coming soon i promise!!!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

well.... i'm back.... sorta...

So i was a bit under the weather and had to take some time to get back in order. Times like this make you wish you had a healing factor, bet wOlvie never worried bout catching colds or other "regular" person type health issues. But i'm feeling much better and have a lot of work to get caught up on this weekend. This includes a mini story i;m doing, as well as more work for FTK, tees. sketches, prints, etc. I have a lot on the plate in prep for the cons this year, not including just general life. But it's all worth it.... most of it any way. So no images to show due to not scan or taking pics of the last few things i drew before crashing out for a few days. But in due time....

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Shout Outs and All....

want to give a shout out to @wildmercy for supporting the site, the Art, and now collaborating on an ill story with me! It's a short, but will be fun. Soon as i have some things under way and permission to post a peak i will!
art update coming soon from FTK as well as a few other things!!!!!


Monday, April 4, 2011


store now carries a few tees, also Gift Certificates.  Prints and original art will hopefully be up by weeks end! So keep a look out, spread the word, and thanks to all

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Store update!! Tee Shirts coming soon

So what you see above are the designs for the new Fairy Tale Knights tees. If you have been following along with the Characters and have wondered what Malia wears under her Cloak or Hood, well here it is!!!! Currently i am reworking the store to sell the tees there and right this moment i am only going to be selling the Male version in Crimson or Black with either the "vintage" ink or the black ink and the Female version in Crimson with either the "vintage" ink or the black ink. The womens tees will have a bit more options in the near future, but there will be more for the guys soon as well. I just have to arrange a few things and see how the flow goes with these first options throughout the year at the Conventions and events i am we are doing. These tees will all be hand screened and printed and each will be slightly different from the last and i'm not sure how many i will print honestly. But they should go live next week, 2 weeks at the most! So just a quick update,

Saturday, April 2, 2011

i left off a cover....

It's semi official..... sorta

I signed up for Kick Starter !!!! My project hasn't been accepted yet, so i am awaiting word on that, but i am signed up. I have to thank Charlie for telling me about it and hopefully they will accept my project and i will owe Charlie an illustration!! I know he told me about it to help out, but i like showing my appreciation, even if i don't get accepted, i owe Charlie either way. Many people hold information... i believe if you can help another simply by informing them of something they are unaware off.... why hold it from them? So Charlie by the time i see you at Heroes or the next ComiCon, i will have some art for you bro!

 In other news, Fairy Tale Knights is well under way, the Prelude still up for grabs, the 1st issue will be in hand for those who Pre-ordered in May, and all others can catch it in June. Heroes will be the first con Book one is at and as an extra i wanted to post the covers for all 5 issues as well as the prelude, making all 6 covers. I have been working on this book a little while and though Book 5 won't hit the public officially til October, we are on schedule if not ahead!! I hope you will enjoy the ride and i hope that we keep your interest. By the by, Jerale and i are already working on ideas for character backgrounds and more mini stories and side books. Well, enough bable, her are the covers!!