Monday, January 31, 2011


im working on updates to this blog and realizing how much i can do with this blog spot. Tomorrow i will be contacting the company that my current site is through and working out some things on that end as well. I guess i next need to get on twitter (ugh!) and do a facebook. The main reason i am doing this, again, is to build a better connection with those i meet at cons and even online and such. Also, to help better promote things i am working on. The biggest thing i will be pushing soon is a few books i am doing with a good friend, to be linked soon, to spread the word about both the digital releases as well as the print versions release. One of which will be in the next few weeks. So stay with me as i embark on all this!!!!


Sunday, January 30, 2011


So, blogging is something i have struggled with for a while now. My current website (may not be using it by next week) is Rebel Stars Studios , and i have a blog there that i haven't touched in the longest. My deviant art page is lacking much needed attention, and i have a few other blogs that i contribute to, but not often. I guess the reason for this varies..... at times it's due to.... well.... time. Often it is due to the leg work needed to gain attention. Often times when your up and coming, you, well, i feel like i'm typing to myself. Some people love this, lol. Me.... i like interacting. I have noticed that people will visit the site or page, but not say much. This reasom could vary, maybe they like your work, but simply don't know you. Maybe it's due to you being "up and coming" rather than a "big name". Maybe you just suck and they are returning to see how bad you will suck with the next posting, lol. Who knows. But this year i am aiming to stay busy updating this new blog with art, sketches, and just whatever interest me. You know, regular blog stuff. I'm working on a lot of things and though in person at comic cons and events, i interact with lots of very supportive people, i have yet to maintain that connection after those events. Not how one would imagine. So this year i will be aiming to do much, much more to keep connected with all who i meet and who support. This blog will be the main source of that, as well as an up and coming one that i will be part of with a larger crew that is being constructed as i type. I will be adding a link to as online store soon, as well as posting art etc. So bare with me. The next few weeks this little blog should come to life more. Also i will link my deviant art page, and other artist i respect etc. Also events and whatever else i can work out here. Still learning what all i can do with this space, hence the possible reason i may vacate my current site. Ok, so speak soon. here is a little art from my past, present, future.....