Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Touching Base....

Ok so, the Charlotte Comicon was cool, me and my homie Jeremy the Beast hung out and saw lots of others artist and writer friends. As always, Dave and Rick treated us very well,  as they always do, and we had a blast. A new friend and continued support of my art named Charlie showed up and talked a bit, supported a bit and picked up the Justice League piece that starts the above illustrations off. I really appreciate that Charlie. See you at Heroes, and Heroes is where we (myself and Jerale C.) will debut the 1st issue of the Fairy Tale Knights series and also where the above illustrations will be if they aren't sold before the Con. Some aren't finished and most will also appear as full color 11x17 prints. If you have interest in one or a few let me know, the more you buy the better the price and the more you support the more i can offer. Also, to those who pre-ordered the FTK prelude, the print shipment ran a bit behind, so those will go in the mail this week and next week. Not too far behind the original stated ship date, but just wanted to give that up date. So i'm looking forward to seeing all and more up dates and info coming soon.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Charlotte Comic Con!!

I will be there this weekend, Sunday to be exact!!!! come on out to Crown Plaza Hotel 
Charlotte NC, if your in town! I will be sketching, promoting my book, selling prints, and just  hanging out. Hope to see you there.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Quick Post/ Up Date....

i am prepping for the Comic Conventions i have going this year. I have a list up, there are a few other events i will be a part of, and I will add those in the near future. I just picked up some more freelance work, and Jerale and i are working on these books to have things in place as the cons begin. Sadly, i want have any printed books back in time for the Charlotte ComiCon later this month, but i will have prints and be doing sketches and all that goodness. So if your in Charlotte Sunday, March 20th, swing by and check me and many others out. Also, and this doesn't matter to most, I am reworking my office layout. I just don't feel like the set up is right. Kind of odd since for years the "office" didn't much matter. It was where ever i was with a drawing utensil and something to draw on!! But over the years i have expanded what i do, as well as how i do it. So i have an actual work space and still haven't set it up in a way that fits or feels like it should. So i have been researching the layouts of other artist, and people in general. So this evening may not see much digital pen to tablet, but once i am some what set back up, it's back to work!!!!! 

One last thing!! Thanks to all of you who have support and bought either the digital or print version of the FTK prelude book.

.....and the pic above has nothing to do with this post really, just didn't want to make a drawingless post. So here is an oldie but goodie!!