Saturday, April 2, 2011

It's semi official..... sorta

I signed up for Kick Starter !!!! My project hasn't been accepted yet, so i am awaiting word on that, but i am signed up. I have to thank Charlie for telling me about it and hopefully they will accept my project and i will owe Charlie an illustration!! I know he told me about it to help out, but i like showing my appreciation, even if i don't get accepted, i owe Charlie either way. Many people hold information... i believe if you can help another simply by informing them of something they are unaware off.... why hold it from them? So Charlie by the time i see you at Heroes or the next ComiCon, i will have some art for you bro!

 In other news, Fairy Tale Knights is well under way, the Prelude still up for grabs, the 1st issue will be in hand for those who Pre-ordered in May, and all others can catch it in June. Heroes will be the first con Book one is at and as an extra i wanted to post the covers for all 5 issues as well as the prelude, making all 6 covers. I have been working on this book a little while and though Book 5 won't hit the public officially til October, we are on schedule if not ahead!! I hope you will enjoy the ride and i hope that we keep your interest. By the by, Jerale and i are already working on ideas for character backgrounds and more mini stories and side books. Well, enough bable, her are the covers!!

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