Sunday, April 3, 2011

Store update!! Tee Shirts coming soon

So what you see above are the designs for the new Fairy Tale Knights tees. If you have been following along with the Characters and have wondered what Malia wears under her Cloak or Hood, well here it is!!!! Currently i am reworking the store to sell the tees there and right this moment i am only going to be selling the Male version in Crimson or Black with either the "vintage" ink or the black ink and the Female version in Crimson with either the "vintage" ink or the black ink. The womens tees will have a bit more options in the near future, but there will be more for the guys soon as well. I just have to arrange a few things and see how the flow goes with these first options throughout the year at the Conventions and events i am we are doing. These tees will all be hand screened and printed and each will be slightly different from the last and i'm not sure how many i will print honestly. But they should go live next week, 2 weeks at the most! So just a quick update,