Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rebel Star Studios

I had a blast at Heroes Con this year. We had a great location, good people came by, and it was pure fun. I didn't meet my personal goal, but i did pretty good. We moved books, i stayed busy with commissions, and i sold a good amount of prints. I met a colorist i hope to work with in the future, and a project i am working on with a friend has been approved up to this point and as soon as i do the final few pages, and he gives the ok, i will be posting some of the work. I have a lot of work i am doing for the Comicon in July, and that work will carry over to the Baltimore and New York con, as well as others i am doing this year. I will be posting some of the other work soon, just bare with me, also i will be reworking my portfolio soon, adding some new images and such. So, bare with me, updates and more soon!! Also we are working on Book 2 of Fairy Tale Knights, and the prelude and Book 1 are up for sale and digital download now!!!!! 

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