Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Rebels Code.....

My apologies if you expected to get some sort of semi deep rooted "code of ethics" for rebels or something.... Instead what is above is me learning to create and alter "QR" or Quick Response Codes. You know the things you can scan with your cell and get all sorts of good information that can easily be passed on to others  without having to write anything down, or take a card, try remembering what you were told. These have been used in Japan for a while now, and have slowly become popular here in the US. This one just links you to my site which if your reading this, you already know the URL, but the cool thing is you can send a pic of this to others and from your phone or there's, another person can simply scan the bar code with a bar code reader for the type of cell they have and BAM!!!!! they now have the site as well. You can embed all types of info in these things, but i am practicing with simple info and incorporating some design as well. This one is pretty simple, the coded emblem has some images inside it, i have seen some more detailed stuff from over seas and i am working on that as well. Any who, scan away, most readers or scanners are free and can be found in your phones respective "market". I will do some stickers soon and a few more versions as time goes on.

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