Sunday, July 10, 2011


aight so i have the new tees coming, new designs coming, and here are more new prints you can buy in my online store and the other tees coming soon. If you want any of these or want to know more before they make it in the store, let me know. SOME of these are in the store as prints....

Also, i got word that the Wizard Atlanta show has been canceled.  I will still be hitting Atlanta for some other shows not comic related, but at this point the Atlanta Wizard show is a no go.

I could update more, but i have a few books to finish illustrating. More info soon,

Friday, July 8, 2011

In S.E.L.F. we TRUSt....

just a tee design to be in the store soon and a new print/ banner design. One of which has a typo that wont be in the final version, it's late i been drawing, reading, studying, and designing for a few hours, forgive me.... there is a reason for the images and what is seen within, but i won't go into all that, if you realy want to know, reach out, i'll explain.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Aight, so these are some of many tees i designed for my peoples who run Hard Core Street N.E.R.D.s. They are a small group who prides themselves on being true to self. They currently have a blog site where when not tied up in other business matters they are working on, they post on games, art, music, life, gear, cars, custom items, etc. I send them info that gets posted from time to time, but they are working on a company, part of that is the clothing line that i am doing some designs for. They have a few other designers as well, but they are kicking it off with a few of mine. So i don't think they are posting these shirts yet, but i was given the go ahead to post these and start selling on my site til they have revamped their blog and web site to come. So any who, check em out, these will be in my store soon, if your interested before i get them up, email me and it's a pay pal transaction away from yours.These current post are low rez digital graphics, so they aren't as pretty as it will be in hand.