Friday, August 26, 2011

Baltimore and emails....

Ok, so, there was a good bit of support for our book Fairy Tale Knights. I want to say thank you to all for that. I took emails specifically for the book, and unfortunately a few of them didn't work. This could have been an error on my part, not sure, but if you gave me your email in Baltimore and signed up to receive the digital version of book one via email, and have not gotten yet, please email me with your email address so that i can compare with the list i have and figure out whats stopping the email from reaching you. There were only a few that did not go through, but I want to be sure that I get the book to those who showed interest and supported. For the delay i do apologize.

    Also, i wanted to let those of you who had commissions that were to be mailed out to you from the con know that they are hitting the mail today and tomorrow. So by next week you should see a little package in your mailbox, p.o. box, or on your door step from me. From there i have some other work to finish up for clients by next week, and looking forward to working on much, much, much more. So drop me a line!!


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