Monday, September 5, 2011

Coloa Con, New York Con, Sale on ALL PRINTS, staying busy!!!!

News....Updates.... Info.....

   Ok, so first and foremost, i want to thank the wonderful people behind the Columbia South Carolinas Cola Con. This event was amazing!!!! Not only did it combine art and music, but it was held in a Museum. Not sure about Museums in other areas, but it's not often you see comic books, skateboards, graffiti, hip hop, live bands, and just dope people in a Museum, yet alone a gallery in some places. I have put together many events, been a part of many events, and had a blast at them all and look forward to many many more.... but Cola Con was something different within itself. The support was phenomenal, and it really showed how the cultures are unified and diverse, yet still work in harmony. Something the rest of the world needs to understand. It was beautiful. I want to thank all who supported in any fashion, coming out, being a part of the artist, buying, giving stuff away, speaking, laughing, performing,  taking pictures, asking questions, actually making this happen, however you took part, thank you. I hope this can happen again next year, long as i know in advance, and a slot is open, i am there, even if i find out last minute i am there. This was one of the illest (meaning dope, meaning cool, meaning i loved it) events every. I would love to see it happen in Charlotte, maybe with the right people it can. The Battle Slam Jam made a move in that direction, so maybe. But it was great to say the least.
     Ok, so i am having my first official but not official in store at a comic book shop. I am by far not the guest of honor or anything, but i was invited to come set up shop and hang out a bit. So September 17th I will be at Rebel Base Comics Comics and Toys, hanging out as they celebrate Their anniversary. They will be having music, food, drinks, 30% off toys and statues, 50% off all comics (except new releases for that week) and 25% off trade paperbacks!!
The address is:
701-C S, Sharon Amity
Charlotte NC 28211
number: 704 442 9660
I will have some prints, original drawings and doing sketches and such. Come out if you can.

    New York Comic Con. Ok, so i am getting ready for NY, cost is a bit high to say the least for this trip lol. SO to help ease the pain a bit, i am offer a discount on my 11x17 prints as well as original drawings. SO go to my online store from the tab up top, go to the prints section, any 3 prints ordered will be discounted by $18 dollars. So 3 prints would normally cost $30 if they are the $10 prints. Select your prints, put in the discount code, 3for12, and presto, $18 bucks will be deducted. You can buy the same print, and keep adding more to your order, if you order 6 prints, then it will still only carry a deduction of $18, but this would still be lower priced than normal and it covers shipping as well.  This sale will be for 14 days, so act now if interested. Also, it is not limited to just what is in my store, if you go to my portfolio page and see an image that catches your eye, then email me and if it is an image i can sale, it's yours. I will send you an invoice via pay pal, you can pick 3 from there, or mix and match between my store and the portfolio. Doesn't matter, just has to be at least 3 prints.
    Also, i am taking commissions at a discount to raise funds also and reducing price of orginals that i have. If you want to see the originals i currently have or know what i am working on, email me i'll send you a few pics of finished and works in progress as well as a list of what i am going to be doing. These will range in size from 9x12 to 11x14. Mostly black and white, some will have hints of color. Price, $10-$15. If you have something you prefer, that's cool also, These will be $15, that includes shipping and handling, on 9x12 Bristol Black and white, if you want color or a larger size, let me know we can work out the details. I will take these as long as i can, just email me.

ok, so off to finish up a few things that are over due a bit and begin the next thing!!!!