Sunday, October 9, 2011

New Sketch Book....

1st!!!! shout out to Rebel Base comics and toys, had a blast there a few weeks ago, met good people and had a great, great time. Also, i am going to be at New York Con with the owner of the store and owner and founder of Jester Press comics, Troy. I have to check our booth number, but if you are there, please stop by, say hello, check us out. I will be saleing a limited number of the new batman print i finished called "Dusk" there, as well as my sketchbook "DayDreaming @ Nite, episode 1". @ $5 each, i think it's a pretty ok deal, the book is 20 pages and is in my online store with free sketches being offered when purchased due to the price being higher online. The reason the cost is higher online is shipping and packaging. I use to try to cover that cost, but it seems like everything else, the cost to ship has increased. I lost money shipping a few items recently, which is okay in some circumstances, but it can be costly when this is part of how you feed your kids. So to all who support, please know if a price goes up, or seems a bit higher than when at conventions, it is simply the cost to produce or ship that made this change. not me being greedy. I will always do all i can to keep my cost to those who support me down, please know this. Ok, i have a smash brothers piece and a few other things to finish, then pack, go get some items, and prep for NY. thank you all

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