Saturday, March 31, 2012

Updates, updates, updates!

Ok, so, I am behind on updates. This won't be the best one, but I just wanted to at least let it be known that I am still moving forward. I have finished my first issue of a book I am currently wearing all the hats on, Legend of the Black Pandas. The book will officially be realsed in at C2E2 in Chicago in a few weeks. But I am taking pre orders now! If you pick it up at a convention, the book is $4. $7 ($9 international) covers shipping and of course it will be signed. Also, there is the option to pre order the "Legends" package. This is limited to 50 copies. It will contained the 1st issue, as well as the "sketchbook" and an original drawing based on a character from the book for $20. I will be offering a subscription type deal on this book and FTK.still working details out on it, so bare with me on subscriptions. I will also be uploading the digital version to the store soon, as well as the print, but you can email me to order any of the options now. The digital version is just $1....

I am working on FTK NOW,and will be working on Devilicious soon as well. New prints coming for Chicago, and a list update in the news section soon. I just did Charlotte Comicon, it was great!, heading to Chi Town, doing hometown Heroes Con, waiting on word on NC Con, as well as NY CON, Will be in Baltimore in September. And more to come. I'll update it all soon. Thanks for checking in, peace to all,

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