Saturday, July 14, 2012

HEllo all!

I have been swamped with a lot but yet not much at all. My mac book pro went on the blitz and i was having a hard time finishing work, i now have that in order and can work again, but now i am raising funds to over cost to replace some programs. SO for this, i am doing 6x10 black and white single character drawings for $10.00. I will do these for a small time, email me if you would like to see a few i am doing at random or if you would like to order a one or a couple of your own choosing. These an be original characters or current characters in the world!!

   Ok, also, i did the comic Con at Indian Trail Library and had a blast, lots of fun with the kids and parents that came by and i really enjoyed it all. It was a fun event and i met some good people including Mr. John Tompkins and his brilliant son and Daughter. I was very thankful to be there and to have met them and talked comics, toys, games with them!!

Heroes con has come and gone. I enjoyed it as i always do, its home and i wouldn't miss ever if it were just up to me. I had a blast, delivered some work i owed some who pre ordered and picked up some more work to get to others on the list.  I was left feeling some what incomplete after Heroes,  
But i enjoyed myself as always!! I look forward to next year and hope to see you there as well....

I was also fortunate enough to pick up some cool commission work, i have a on of work i did for a gentleman who has worked with me for over a year now i think, that i have yet to post or post links to just from being slack on the web so that i am not slack on the work lol. But i will post Mr. Patrick's well written excerpts and links to his site and blog as well as links to reviews my two books, Legend of the Black PandaS and Fairy Tale Knights received. Up above is a commission i did for a now good friend Phil. I was suppose to make this my header but i need to do some reformatting and put it up....  

Also,  i will be doing Charlotte ComiCon in August, gotta check the dates, and Cola Con in Oct. on the 5th and 6th in Columbia SC. I will update my events in a day or so and also my page on work like illustration, design, etc.

Aight, so for now that brings things some what up to date, more to come,

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