Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hey, been a while....

...since i last updated anything on here. i added a few things to the portfolio, and will post a few items here as well. I still have work from others i have clearance to post and have yet to do so. Reviews for some books as well, and i haven't had the chance to post that either...  nope, not lazy, just fighting to stay working. More now than ever, i no longer have a "day" job, for various reasons, but the main thing being that i am determined to do what i actually do. Art. Design. Graphics. Concepts. and slowly... Animation. Like i said, there are other reason behind my departure from my day job, some being people not liking that i stand for what i believe in, and actively pursue it. A few good friends and myself are forming a company and will be pushing to establish our small mark on the face of the visual world. It may be hard, but we all do things we hate just to get by, why not fight for what you love and enjoy even if you just barely do the same. If it so happens to blossom into something larger, so be it. Alan Watts spoke on this a lot, and so have many others. I heard a guy who owns a pizza place in Chicago say  he couldn't live life doing something he didn't love. maybe it's a hard road, but it's a road worth traveling. Now i am not saying leave what you are doing, that is a choice you must make, however, i am saying pursue what you believe in and get as good if not great at it as you can. Then... get better!! If you can give 30 or 40 or more hours to some elses dream or establishment, can't you give half of that at the least to yourself?

Crazy thing is i am doing all this after coming off of two of my most beloved cons that went really wrong this year lol. Baltimore has been great to me for two years in a row. Somehow this year i ended up in the corner of doom, and it showed. I know placement at cons makes a huge difference in how much traffic you get when your indie. Big Names can sit anywhere and people will hunt them down. If your not as known, even if people like your work, you may be sought out for a little while, but then you fall to the way side so to speak. Then for those who don't know you, thy just aren't looking for you and if they don't stumble upon you in Artist Alley, then you become just another missed artist. There is an attempt to give as many artist a chance to show at the cons as possible, but at some point someone has to be in the gutters so to speak. I guess this was my year. But i know how great Baltimore con generally is, so even though i made nearly noting this year, i will be returning next year hopefully and using a different system newt year to bring people to wherever i may be. At the end of the day, you can't make people buy, well maybe you can if your an aggressive sales person, but what you can do is make yourself as visible as possible.  So i am prepping a strategy that will help a bit. It will at least expose my work to others and if they don't like what they see, they won't come looking, if they do.... i increase the chance of them coming my way. Nothing is fail proof, but i have to make sure i have done all i can on my end. SO i will sign up much earlier next year, though i signed up pretty early this year, it will be earlier this year. Then i will execute my other ideas as well.... this will apply to the other cons also, placement is key, but sometimes you have to find the people so they can find you....

The other Con that was great last year that went not so great this year was Cola Con in Columbia SC. When i say not so great i mean i didn't meet my goals in sales, but the event itself was great. This wasn't about placement because i was in a good place, but instead it was more or less just not as many people as it felt was there the year before. Not much i can do about that as it seems there were other events going on that hurt the turn out greatly. But the people who did come had a great time and it gave me homie Kiser and i a chance to build with LeSean Thomas a bit before watching GhostFace Killah perform with Sheek Looch. LeSean is a cool kat and very down to earth, it was cool chatting with him a bit once the crowd let him breathe a second. I also got to chop it up with the homie Sanford Greene as well. Another good dude. Overall a great event, just tough timing. But if allowed, i am there next year as well!!

So i lost money, left a job, and the battle to become known in a really tough industry moves forward. I have confidence, faith, though shaking at times.... it is there and so am i.... so here is some work, new prints going up in the gallery as well as a sale on prints. Check back for details!!!! Durham is next for NC Con... i hope it goes well....

peace to all


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