Sunday, October 14, 2012

Shipping Fixed in Store....

So, I have finally corrected some issues with shipping from my store. I have had some ups and downs with getting it in order and now it is set. It's not that the technology was flawed, just my understanding o it. This caused refunds to be issued in the past and it also more than likely stopped some of you from buying from the store. Some of the issues i wasn't aware of cause i had only did small sampling of how the shipping was being done and other problems i knew of and was working to fix. I am happy to say that while working on certain issues, i stumbled upon other issues and now have the shipping matter under control. The one thing i have yet to set at a rate i feel good about is the actual shipping rates, more or less for outside of the US than here. I shipped items overseas before and to Canada as well in the past and i don't remember the rates being what they are now. I did some extensive research and couldn't find any cheaper solutions. I wish i could fix the cost to ship in other areas and balance it better. Here i am simply charging for the packaging and shipping, which isn't very high. For out of U.S. orders i am charging the same thing but the cost is much more. If anyone has found cheaper options please let me know. I guess over all it isn't too bad when i look at what some people charge for prints in general. For the same price of just their print, you get the print and shipping. But i still like keeping cost down. Either way, thank you all for the support and patients. Order up, pass the word, and also i will be moving my digital items, e.g. wallpapers and digi books to a digital store to free up space in my printed store for other items. Same button will link you to two link options to visit either store!!


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