Wednesday, November 7, 2012

New Store open....

so i am using a different site to host my store now. The same items give or take a few additions, but i will be adding other items over the next few days as well. This will also have digital items like books and screen savers etc, and sketches etc. The main reason for the switch is more room to display more items and also the overhead for the store itself. This is not to say i won't use Big Cartel again, i have some other ideas for it, but for now i will us this current layout with Storenvy and Society6. Society six simply offers prints of a different nature from what i mail out myself and items like t shirts and electronics covees for ipods, iphones, laptops, etc.  The shipping has been worked out a little differently, still trying to find ways to keep shipping down for international sales and not loose money in the process, but the rates are prety decent over all, considering i literally sale my prints for 5, the rest of the cost goes to the package and actual shipping fees. Other artist (nothing against them at all, we each have different cost to produce and my own cost could change) charge $15 and hihger just for the prints. So please understand, and support, spread the word, NC comic Con next week, Charlotte ComiCon in December, and i hope to be at another one in January to kick the year off. Then i will be figuring out the rest of the year and posting accordingly!!


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