Thursday, November 15, 2012

Quick update, My new art book is for sale in my main store (first link on store page).  It's 8x11 full color Hard Cover with 55 pages of general art, sketches, comics, toons, and a few game illustrations inside. I was also able to include some work i couldn't sale as individual prints, but i could sale in this book. The cost is $45 which includes shipping. The pics above show some of the book, i am not sure how long i will have this volume for sale, but if you miss it, i am working on a new series to launch later next year, allowing this book to close out the "day dreamin @ nite" series, which had 4 volumes including this one. This is the first to be in hard cover so pick it up for a gift to self, someone else, or your coffee table!!!!

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