Monday, May 27, 2013

Ok..... it's been a while, and even this needs to be pretty quick lol.  Charlotte Comicon, Charlotte Mini Con, Free Comic Book day (thanks Troy and Rebel Base), and C2E2 were all AMAZING!!!! i had a blast and connected with old faces, and many new ones!! At this point i am preping for Heroes con, two weeks and counting down. Its a home town event that was one of the two conventions that got me into doing this and so its always a show where i try to display my newest work etc. This year i have been much busier (a good thing), and have fallen a bit behind, so i am working at a crazy rate to have some new work for this show.  I have a few characters i always bring, and many that i dont ever bring lol. But what will actually make the show? not sure yet..... I regret to say i will not have my own comics completed this year for Heroes Con, but i will have sample art pages etc. The books will be ready for Baltimore and Cola Con. Also check the news and events page for the updated list of shows. I am waiting on word for NYCC, and have been added to C4 the Winnipeg Canada show.  Still working out details on Canada, but it looks pretty good that i will be there. First time being there and looking forward to it!!  .....In other news, i have a few projects i am working on doing illustrations for, and i will up date info as thing near completion etc. One Project is close to the Heart and titled "Best Friends" written by Micheal Callahan and is an amazing story, i hope to bring visual justice to.  The other is a comic from Dark City comics called Epic.  I am currently only working on the preview pages for the preview issues, but it looks pretty solid that i will be the official artist for the main book Epic. Its written by Lonnie Lowe Jr. So far its been great working with him, and i will post more later, but the Second to last picture listed above is Epic.... in all ways lol..... the images above also represent other things i have been doing, design, illustration, concept and art show work. I was to have an art show here in Charlotte on June 8th, starting after Heroes con had ended that Saturday, but the location, Poor Richards Book Shoppe, had a pretty f%^k3d up situation happen and are in the process of relocating Details aside, they are good people and i hate that this happened, but i know they will bounce back and if i can help with things in anyway i shall!! . So, in the meantime, i am in the process of figuring out where to take the show.   I have spoken to a few people/ places, and still searching, if anyone has any thoughts, please let me know. I would appreciate it.....  Aside from this, i am working and working and hope to keep working..... so if you have some work for me, please bring it forward!! Hope to see all at an event soon, oh.... yea, i may have lost some people due to a funny thing that happened with my orignal web site Rebel Star Studio Dot Com.... i will explain later, but the blog is the place to find me now until i relocate.... or not..... love, peace, soul to all..... oh..... animation on the way.... documentary, and art vids..... all soon!