Monday, August 12, 2013

Just did Charlotte ComiCon, always a great show with Dave and Rick, Lift Off studios opening of the new studios they have, and the first all Transformers show with Charticon!!  It was an amazing show and i hope it returns next year. All these shows where great fun, i also added a show or two for this year and i have a new show for next year as well as one other i hope to confirm. Its been a good con season, i hope to make it better, met some good people at all the shows and a few at Charticon who made it feel like hanging with old friends and family!! So i have a few weeks before the next show and will working on the book Epic, as well as the animated works i have underway and a few other freelance projects. I sent some work over to IDW for review and i am looking into some other avenues also for package art etc. More to come from my Black Panda Project, and i will post new (old to me but unposted) art work soon. I am working out time to work on, which is very limited right now lol. 
speak soon

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