Friday, August 2, 2013

Shows, the Road, books, and more....

Ok, so the "art tour" as we like to call it started in January, and has been moving along steady. I just got back from Bristol Tenn. for Rob con and had a blast! This weekend i will be at the Grand Opening for Lift Off Photography Studios, i will have a little work on display and maybe some prints for sale, as well as  special piece i did or the studio. Sunday i will be at CharlottComiCon, with two of the greatest show organizers and promoters i know, Dave and Rick. Those guys have hown me sooooooOOOooooo much support over the years its crazy, so check the news events page for that address and come out if your in the area!!..... after that i will be doing Charlotte first Transformers Con, called Charticon. it looks like it will be major fun, the piece listed above, plus a Prime piece, will be on display with me for the show. I will also have a canvas piece that i may auction off, or sell, i don't know yet, but it will be there with me for sure. It should be a fun show with some art, toys, cosplay, and more!!   From there i will be heading out to Baltimore, Durham and Richmond VA or shows. I didn't get into NYC Con, sad face, but its cool, maybe next year, and due to timing and such, i may not make the Canada show either. I really really really want to do this show, but i don't know yet..... aside from shows, i am working on a few small animations for some personal projects and looking to launch a kick starter and an indigogo for two separate projects soon (September i hope). I am also finishing up a preview book for Dark City Comics as well as working on the first issue of a book called Epic. So the fall should see a few releases of work from me both for myself and others.  Aside from that i launched Rebel Star Stuiods "dot" net not long ago, its pretty much just sitting as i find time to work on it. So go there or come here for updates etc. Thanks to all, i will post more work etc soon, hope all is well, and thank you for any and all support!!

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