Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Raffle has ended!!!

So, i had a raffle and there was some really great support for it, all but one winner has gained the work they won, i announced the winners on Face Book, i don't have the names handy to post here, but the art work is already in everyone's hand except one person, we are working his out currently!!  Thank you to all who supported!!....

Now this weekend is a great yet sad weekend for me, i am going to one of the coolest events of the year in Columbia South Carolina, Cola Con!!!! its the shows third year, and i am proud to have been part of it from the start. The sad thing is, Comic Book City Con happens this weekend as well, and i was one of the first to sign up for it, then had to cancel due to Cola Con being the same weekend... thing is though, Cola Con is Friday and Saturday, and Comic Book City Con is Saturday and Sunday. I had thought about asking if i could do a table for one day, but i figured the space was worth more to those guys and didn't want to waste a space someone else could fully use. I suck i know, i should have linked with someone and maybe sat with them for a day and paid them for the chance to be there, if i can't work out the details for this, this year, i will certainly aim for next year!! I really like being part of shows early....

On another note, i have to post some work here soon, i have been more active on my social networks than here and refuse to link everything, so i gotta get to updating.....

Last thing, a button will be going live with some preorder options for a new art book i am doing called Black Book Scribbles.... the book will be a  8x11 hardcover with100 pages of art, design, sketches, unreleased pieces, concepts  etc. and will have a few options starting at $40. There is a limited number of books to be sold in this run and aa limited time at the rates, so if your reading this now, check the tabs above for the button to appear if it isn't already there. This will be a great coffee table book piece!!

thanks to all, hope to see you at a show soon,

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