Wednesday, November 6, 2013

More to come.....

So as I prep to head to Durham this weekend for a convention, I wanted to speak on a few things going on.  First, I just signed on to project with  John Errington  Productions, it's a film and production company with a pretty nice resume behind them.  We met through mutual friends at Lift
Off Photographpy and began talking film, graphic novels, good stories, marketing etc. This lead to me getting a chance to be concept artist/ illustrator for a project that will also branch into being a film and possibly animation or game. I have a few projects I am a part of (gotta feed the kids, lol) but this one is cool not only due to who I am working with, but do to knowing it could advance into a good amount of future work for me. Which is always a good thing. So it's cool to be a part of this project on many levels!! More details as I can release them!.....
    Aside from this, I am also embarking on a expanding other elements of what I have done in the past. Art related events, speaking engagements, art lessons, and a focus on bigger art lager events, packaging, design, branding in general.  I am partnering with a small team of people to form GOrilla Bred Breanding LLC.  The focus will be branding, consulting, packaging, design, cross marketing, and doing super cool events! Illustration will stay play a part in many ways, but design and such will be the main stay.  The web site will grow over time, it will show case things we are doing including a massive event we have in the works, as well as blogging about just cool things we have nothing to do with. Initially the site will not have a million elements to it do to taking time to grow things. But it WILL GROW. So bare with.... I will post the official website soon, this site will still be up and updated as well, I will be releasing my personal comic projects through GOrilla Bred Comics, a division of GOrilla Bred Branding LLC.  Slowly I will move things to Gorilla Bred Studios and move away from the Rebel Star Studios brand for mixed reasons. So all in all some changes for great reasons and staying busy, but looking to be busier.  Also, I will be posting the updated commission prices soon, just sorting out something's, I should do a post on how hard it is to price these things sometimes and how different people view art in general..... Maybe another time. Anyway, this and more soon, and thanks for all the support and help with my growth!!!!

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