Monday, December 16, 2013

New Prints up for saleand New stickers for sale....great show at the Charlotte Comicon!!

So, I have some new work up for sale under my "web specials" tab. I will migrate some of these items to my store soon, but if you want the above items, just click the web specials tab and order directly through our pay pal.  Currently the "1 up" stickers are up for $5 as a die cut (i will have square and circle ones later),and  also as 11x17 black and white prints. Also, prints of my Boba Fett piece, simply called "Fett" are for grabs. They are $15 each, which includes shipping, or you can get one of the limited hand finished numbered prints for $35, price included shipping. The limited ones will ship with a certificate of authenticity as well. All prints are signed regardless....

Also, i did my last con for the season yesterday, i have been behind on some work and catching up as quickly as possible, lots to mail out, but i had to make this show due to Dave and Rick being part of where i got my start in doing shows. They have always been beyond kind to me and helped in so many ways throughout my career. They are hands down the nicest coolest guys ever!! They have allowed me to stay a permanent part of their show, and i am thankful. I always have a great time, see good friends, and meet new people. That's exactly how it went Sunday! i hung out and caught up with another great artist from my God City Crew, and saw others who have become great friends over time, and made new friends, and had great conversations. I also met two other artist, one who loves illustrating people, the other who loves doing abstract pieces, and i am trading off work with one maybe both in the future.   Lots of support at the show, and a desire to expand what i take to shows and offer the people i get to meet! Thanks to all who hung out, bought stuff, or just said hi!! My next shows start in January, then i think it kicks back in heavy in April.  Forgive typos, im researching, drawing, hanging with my daughter, watching my little pony, and replying to things all at once. 

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