Sunday, December 14, 2014

It's been a while since I posted anything, been busy in a few directions, but i wanted to quickly thank all who have been supporting legend of the Black Pandas. the book is doing pretty good, and issue 3 will be released in a few more weeks.  I am still getting things in order for a few of the contributions from the original campaign, but all should be in order very soon.  I have posted the covers for books 1, 2, and 3 above.  I will be at my last show of the year 12-14-14 and will have a small number of books on hand for those who haven't gotten a book yet.  I will also have a limited number of prints, and a few original sketches up for grabs at the show also.  After that, i will post up dates and cities for next year as soon as i have things locked in for a few dates. I may not be at all of the shows I did this year, i am still sorting out a few shows and trying to work out a more consistent schedule of shows that work for me. Some have been on my list for a few years now, others are new, and I am looking to add a few others for next year as well, once I lock in my "anchor" shows.....

On another note, I had some work on a very small scale in Game Informer a month or two back, and I understand that the 21 draw book that I was a part of will be released digital sometime this month and the physical books will begin shipping in early 2015 I think. So if you didn't grab one, google 21 draw and grab one while you can. I really enjoyed doing the book and hope I can make the next one if they confirm a second volume....

On another note, I posted some other work above that is work for up and coming shows and other things I am working on.  I hope to post more soon, but for art updates i post the most frequently on my instagram page and facebook.  My instagram is @wollyv and the FB link is off to the side of the page.  More coming soon, thank you as always,

Sunday, October 26, 2014

A few Updates.... and some art

So I have been super all over the place, attempting to keep up with my own projects as well as complete client work while seeking out additional has been a true balancing act. In the mist of that, i also have to find time to study and practice so that i can grow in what I can do and get better at what I thought I was doing lol, while also, and most importantly, make time for my family.  Some days I am a little lost at how to map it all out, and the desire to make sure the bills get paid becomes huge, but then I find peace in what is super important.... those i care about.  So with that I regain focus in a way, and get back to it! So this post is just a quick one to show some past character design work for a project i may illustrate for a client in the future as well as my take on astro boy, and show you the artwork for Legends of the Black Pandas book 2 cover, and a page from the book.  The digital books are up on my site and you can also get physical copies as well!! For all the support I thank you all. I will be at NC Comic Con and the Richmond Comic Con in November, then I will be at Charlotte Comicon in December, and shortly after that I will post up the additional shows I will be at for 2015.  The prep work to lay this foundation has been a long road, but I still have some good traveling to do. enjoy the journey on the way to your destination, and once you get there, reflect a little, then start the next journey!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Legend of the Black Pandas

So, as mentioned, I have launched My creator owned project Legend of the Black Pandas, the campaign for it is pushing forward, we are at $704.00 contributed, and still a few days to go before the campaign ends. Reaching the goal would be great, but with or without that, the project will move forward, I will learn from the ups and downs of the campaign, and continue to grow this project. I have a few others I will release next year with the help of my good friends Jerale (hope I spelled that correct J, didn't have time to check) and Charlie.  I hope to have a few creator owned projects out and moving simultaneously by next summer.  Black Pandas leading the way!  I know this road is tough, and this book isn't for everyone, but I do believe there is an audience for it and it's my job to find you! So as usual, I will still do freelance work for clients, take commissions, and attend conventions and other public events.  But, I shall also use those outlets to promote my own projects when possible and when it isn't a conflict of interest.  It's been work doing this, but it doesn't stop.  So I am prepping new work, studying new things to help expand my own abilities, and I thank you all who have supported and hope you will spread the world to others!! Til I post again!!!!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Indiegogo Campaign is live!!!!!

So this has been a lot of prep and late nights, and it's only the start.  I am finally beginning the campaign for the fundraiser for my creator owned project "Legends of the Black Pandas".  This projects means a lot to me and I am doing all I know how to, to make it the best it can be.  There are a ton of perks, and you can even contribute a single dollar and still get something.  Please spread the word to others and help me bring this to life.  Lots of cool stuff, the books, T-Shirts, Skate Decks, Stickers, Bookmarks, and more.  the link to support: Black Pandas Indiegog  I made a much longer "speech" on Facebook, but I will keep it simple here. I will plug this A LOT for a while, but I will also post other work and such as well, but I really need to promote this and need your help as well, so click the link: Black Pandas Indiegogo and pass it to others as well!
Thank you!!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Legends of the Black Pandas


So i have been working on a few things, but the one i want to focus on now is my own project, Legends of the Black Pandas. It is one of two projects that I have in the works, and Pre orders will be going live next week, with the book seeing an official release mid August- early September. This is simply so that people who want to grab the first issue early can, and people who would like to get it through the Indiegogo I will launch (next week hopefully) and gain some extra perks can have that option.  I really believe in this project and want to push it as far as I can, but who doesn't right?  I realize that for this to grow, people have to also gain belief in the project. I sent out digital samplers of the book to give people a taste of the story and art, and so far the response has been pretty good. If you would like one as well, send a message to and one will be sent to you. In this, i have also asked everyone to share the sampler with others. I don't expect anyone to join my promo team and do all the work, but i understand the power of word of mouth. I understand what it can do to build something or someone up. So no different here. I need your help to grow this project. Like most who set out to do this type thing, i have grand visions. Animation, figures, plush toys, statues, custom vinyl figures, and more.  But it's got to start somewhere. So, when these elements launch, i ask that you help however you can, spread the word, buy, pledge, show someone else, just help  however you can!! Actually it starts now. Pass on the word..... check out the images, support however you can!! I see post all day on social media that could have been something else, not saying don't post what you feel when you feel, just saying, that same energy to post a cute dog, or fight vid comp, or a movie from a company who will invest millions into the campaign to market that movie, could be used to help out those without and in need of a little.... word of mouth.... even online.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Original Artwork for sale..... 21 Draw.... more to come.....

SO, i am posting up two original pieces of art that are up for grabs! One is the original ink work for the Godzilla piece i have posted, the other is the artwork for the Darth Maul piece i posted.  They are both 11x17 in size, on bristol paper, and various inks and Copic markers.  They are $40 each, which includes shipping in the US, contact for other shipping options, and you will also get a full color print of the piece as well.....

In other news, I am taking a break from cons for the Month of July to focus on different projects and client work.  One of those projects I am very proud to mention will be 21 Draw!!  Long story short, it's a super cool book with over 100 artist with varying styles doing pieces to demonstrate body gestures, hand gestures, facial expressions,  etc.  The best of the best are taking part in this book, so i am extremely honored to be a part of this and have a chance to produce art for such a cool artbook/ reference guide! The book is set to be released in October, pending we all get our art completed on time and print runs are on schedule,  and it is a must have. is the website.  Check it out, grab a copy before they run out because there are a limited number of copies going into print.  If you do pick one up and i m in your area for a show, bring your copy by and i would love to sign it! But me aside, this book has some of the Greats in it!....

Aside from that, Black Panda is under way still, website coming soon, other cool projects are being worked out, and i just got back from Altoona Pa. It was real cool there, my intern traveled with me to see if conventions are a good path for what he wants to do in life with his art.  We had a pretty good time there, the mountains are amazing, farmland is beautiful, and some good conversations with some really good people.  I thinks covers it, next show is August 2nd in Bristol Tenn, then back home for Charlotte Comicon on August 3rd. 
speak soon

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

decided to post the first 5 pages from the story i did for the Black Sheep X Nike SB collabo dunk Hi, that was at the art show (thanks Greg for picking those pages up) Only one edition of the 12x18 pages, one set of the fully completed 11x17 pages, and the original black and white pages are in my possession.  May print giveaway books at some point, not sure.... also, Heroes con was super cool this year, had a great time, hung out with old friends, met new friends, and talked to my biggest supporters on the Black Panda project!! All in all a great time, still have a pretty cool announcement to  make, but can't do so just yet, soon though, and more updates on other things to come. Heading to Altoona, PA this weekend for my first Sci Fi con.
speak soon!!