Thursday, January 9, 2014

and the saga continues.....

So i am doing my first con of the season this month on the 25th (check the events page) . I am also a part of an art show at Baku art gallery in Noda, which is part of Fus, a super dope tat shop here in Charlotte. Not sure how many pieces total i will have in the show, put i plan to prep about 5-7 pieces and whichever ones are chosen will be seen! There will be other artist in the show as well, not sure who yet, but it's an honor to get the invite!!....  I am updating Cons for this year as i get things locked in, as well as other events I am working on and working out. There are a few things going on, many of which i won't speak on much until the time is right. I also did a little work with Topps in December, sadly, that run is currently over, though there are other things in the works. However it goes, i enjoyed the chance to do what i did, and look forward to the future.... I also am sending commission pieces out as they are completed, i got behind a little, due to projects i am working on for clients, but i am on track and mailing items out this weekend. The next set of pieces will follow, but on pretty much on schedule. I normally work on a first come, first served basis with sketches and  commissioned pieces. I am also working to get better at my craft, which ultimately means better work for you, hopefully lol.....  I will be working to promote and build with another brand i am a part of, and slowly will be working completely under. GOrilla Bred Branding LLC and GOrilla Bred Studios. I will still post here as we get the sites in order and i get portfolios etc set up, but things will slowly move over to another site altogether.  It's all a part of a bigger picture, and this has been in motion for a little while now, so bare with........ working on my own titles as well, slowly though, gotta pay the bills, and my titles aren't in the position to do so yet.... with time they will be though.... still have stickers and digital books etc up for grabs, check the web specials tab, check the store, or the society six store for new prints, originals, books, toys, etc.!!!!


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