Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Just a quick announcement about some prints that have been added to the store, i have been really busy and haven't uploaded a ton of things to the store, but i wanted to get these up. One is my take on Rainbow Dash from My Little Ponies, Friendship is Magic, a show my daughter loves and honestly, my son and I watch it with her as well, lol, i sold out of these at my last show, i have more in hand and the Official Store has them listed for sale as well. The other Ponies will be added over time, but Rainbow Dash is there now. They come signed and are my usual 11x17 prints.  The other prints i added are the above series called Tiger Bears, there are 3 variants in the store, just select the one you like or pick up all !! There will be an option to get the limited run i am doing of 25 hand finished versions of the prints. These will be printed out and hand finished with paints and inks, making each a 1 of 1 in completion due to no two being exactly alike once finished. I am not sure when i will list these, but if you want one, drop me a message and it's yours, these will be 11x17 @ $25 each and 16x20 @ $45 each (only 10 of each on the 16x20s).  I have to post more soon, just a few things going on, updates soon!!

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