Monday, March 31, 2014

40% off sale over, new prints under way, convention updates..... more

To all who supported with the 40% off sale, thank you, it is greatly appreciated. It's tough building a following and a support base with your work. For every person that says "your work is amazing" or something similar, there are tons who think the opposite or who agree, but don't purchase artwork.  It's a funny thing support... i am always saying on my Facebook page, that support comes in various forms. It's not just buying something, it can be passing the word, that can go a looooong way and help bring exposure that leads to other outlets for someone. The base of living is simply money. Meaning having it, money, means you can pay bills and draw and do stuff lol. But it isn't easy to build a name and following without a co sign and getting co signs isn't always easy. I have worked pretty hard to get the small name i have gained, but i am far from successful by my over all standards and goals i have set for myself. I know artist that sale out of items online in a matter of hours, i haven't gained that sort of support system yet, but i am working towards it, or rather, just towards more stability.  I could go on and on about how support is needed for anyone to make it, and how it varies, but i will just say, when you find something you think is awsome, great, dope, cool, different, or outstanding.... help that person or thing to gain more support. Buy, tell others to check it out, tell others to pass the word, pass on cards, do reviews, email, whatever. Help it grow.... ok, enough on that,

above are the images for a Batman piece i did as a warm up to try some techniques on. I didn't load the layout pencils, but the images you do see are some inks, a color version, and a color versions with Joker playing cards being tossed or floating towards Bats.  These are going into my store now, the price is $10 plus $5 for shipping. So a total of $15 to ship anywhere in the US, other areas shipping will populate once you go to check out, so you can check your cost.  Other items are online as well, and as always, any work i post that wasn't a commission can be purchased as a print also, just hit the contact tab and email me if the item you want isn't in the store, we can work out details and get it done for you!!....

also, i am in the mist of working out a few more conventions, i am also working on locking in some possible sponsors to help expand my convention schedule. I hope to add some more shows this week, and fingers crossed on the sponsors! 

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