Friday, April 25, 2014

Just a quick update of sorts, i just did a few shows and wanted to say that they were both incredible!! I did Charlotte Comicon a few weeks back and as always it was great!! Dave and Rick continue to pull off one of the best one day shows 3 times a year!! They are a part of why i am doing what i do!!  It was a great show with great people!!
   Next up was Awesome Con in DC, my first time doing this show, but i had a blast! Great people, great support, and my family came as well so they explored DC while I worked and we had great food each night!! I enjoyed it all greatly!! I hope to lock in my spot for next year as well!! 

Next up i will be at Winston Salem Con, I don't have this show listed because it was last minute and i wasn't able to get signed up in time, but a friend I met at the show last year, offered to split a table with me so i will be there with a few prints and such and Drawing, after that i have a double decker weekend in Charlotte.... I will be at Rebel Base Comics and Toys for free comic book day, I will be there from open up until about 2pm or so, after that i have to go speak at a youth event for about an hour at an event that a good friend is doing.  After that it is off to enjoy family a bit and then back to the drawing board literally! 

I am also working on a few projects for clients as well as my own and working on a few other things i will speak on in the future!! One is an image shown above, I have some things worked out for it, but lots to still get in place, so bare with more details later!!
speak soon

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