Friday, July 25, 2014

Legends of the Black Pandas


So i have been working on a few things, but the one i want to focus on now is my own project, Legends of the Black Pandas. It is one of two projects that I have in the works, and Pre orders will be going live next week, with the book seeing an official release mid August- early September. This is simply so that people who want to grab the first issue early can, and people who would like to get it through the Indiegogo I will launch (next week hopefully) and gain some extra perks can have that option.  I really believe in this project and want to push it as far as I can, but who doesn't right?  I realize that for this to grow, people have to also gain belief in the project. I sent out digital samplers of the book to give people a taste of the story and art, and so far the response has been pretty good. If you would like one as well, send a message to and one will be sent to you. In this, i have also asked everyone to share the sampler with others. I don't expect anyone to join my promo team and do all the work, but i understand the power of word of mouth. I understand what it can do to build something or someone up. So no different here. I need your help to grow this project. Like most who set out to do this type thing, i have grand visions. Animation, figures, plush toys, statues, custom vinyl figures, and more.  But it's got to start somewhere. So, when these elements launch, i ask that you help however you can, spread the word, buy, pledge, show someone else, just help  however you can!! Actually it starts now. Pass on the word..... check out the images, support however you can!! I see post all day on social media that could have been something else, not saying don't post what you feel when you feel, just saying, that same energy to post a cute dog, or fight vid comp, or a movie from a company who will invest millions into the campaign to market that movie, could be used to help out those without and in need of a little.... word of mouth.... even online.

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