Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Legend of the Black Pandas

So, as mentioned, I have launched My creator owned project Legend of the Black Pandas, the campaign for it is pushing forward, we are at $704.00 contributed, and still a few days to go before the campaign ends. Reaching the goal would be great, but with or without that, the project will move forward, I will learn from the ups and downs of the campaign, and continue to grow this project. I have a few others I will release next year with the help of my good friends Jerale (hope I spelled that correct J, didn't have time to check) and Charlie.  I hope to have a few creator owned projects out and moving simultaneously by next summer.  Black Pandas leading the way!  I know this road is tough, and this book isn't for everyone, but I do believe there is an audience for it and it's my job to find you! So as usual, I will still do freelance work for clients, take commissions, and attend conventions and other public events.  But, I shall also use those outlets to promote my own projects when possible and when it isn't a conflict of interest.  It's been work doing this, but it doesn't stop.  So I am prepping new work, studying new things to help expand my own abilities, and I thank you all who have supported and hope you will spread the world to others!! Til I post again!!!!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Indiegogo Campaign is live!!!!!

So this has been a lot of prep and late nights, and it's only the start.  I am finally beginning the campaign for the fundraiser for my creator owned project "Legends of the Black Pandas".  This projects means a lot to me and I am doing all I know how to, to make it the best it can be.  There are a ton of perks, and you can even contribute a single dollar and still get something.  Please spread the word to others and help me bring this to life.  Lots of cool stuff, the books, T-Shirts, Skate Decks, Stickers, Bookmarks, and more.  the link to support: Black Pandas Indiegog  I made a much longer "speech" on Facebook, but I will keep it simple here. I will plug this A LOT for a while, but I will also post other work and such as well, but I really need to promote this and need your help as well, so click the link: Black Pandas Indiegogo and pass it to others as well!
Thank you!!