Sunday, October 26, 2014

A few Updates.... and some art

So I have been super all over the place, attempting to keep up with my own projects as well as complete client work while seeking out additional has been a true balancing act. In the mist of that, i also have to find time to study and practice so that i can grow in what I can do and get better at what I thought I was doing lol, while also, and most importantly, make time for my family.  Some days I am a little lost at how to map it all out, and the desire to make sure the bills get paid becomes huge, but then I find peace in what is super important.... those i care about.  So with that I regain focus in a way, and get back to it! So this post is just a quick one to show some past character design work for a project i may illustrate for a client in the future as well as my take on astro boy, and show you the artwork for Legends of the Black Pandas book 2 cover, and a page from the book.  The digital books are up on my site and you can also get physical copies as well!! For all the support I thank you all. I will be at NC Comic Con and the Richmond Comic Con in November, then I will be at Charlotte Comicon in December, and shortly after that I will post up the additional shows I will be at for 2015.  The prep work to lay this foundation has been a long road, but I still have some good traveling to do. enjoy the journey on the way to your destination, and once you get there, reflect a little, then start the next journey!!