Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Been a while since i posted, so just wanted to speak a bit!!  The 21 Draw book that i was able to be a part of has been released digitally, (link--->)  21 DRAW with the physical books coming in April i think. SO i am excited about that, though i haven't seen the finished books yet.... in other news, I am working on a bunch character work for clients, as well as doing an issue of a comic for a client, in addition to working on Black Panda, which by the way is going into issue 4, and prepping art show proposals, planning some events as always, and I just finished my a new/ old art book called "Retrospect". It's 78 pages of art, some new, some olde but more popular pieces, and some sketchwork. There are a few pieces that were never made as prints in the book also, and it will only be $20 at shows, and $25 if shipped out.  It is going up for pre order tonight or tomorrow, and I will have the books in hand by the 20th of March. I may do some sort of package deal as well as an option with the book.  More info coming soon on other things!!
speak soon

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