Thursday, April 16, 2015

Another quick update....

So i have been super slow updating anything, but i wanted to post and say that I am happy to have made it to 4 issues of my own project Legend of the Black Pandas! The collected trade soft cover is up for pre-order in my store, and the single issues are up for grabs as well, both in print and digital format. The books will be in hand just in time for Free Comic Book Day and a few cons that follow. I will be at my usual place this year, Rebel Base Comoics and Toys with books, prints, original artwork and whatever else I think of for the day!! I have additional shows posted up and I have been working like crazy on a few projects, one for an indie film, one for a project (comic) from 4th Wall, and then some character design work and slowly working on revising my own project Fairy Tale Knights. This will see release probably towards the years end or next year, lots to do for this book, but it will be cool when it is done. So thank you to all who support, all who spread the word, all who do whatever you do however you do it!! More projects coming soon!!

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