Thursday, September 17, 2015

We made it....

I just wanted to post a thank you here on the site, to all how have helped to get this campaign funded!! It means so very very much to me. My first ever campaign, I raised nothing lol. I recall feeling like crap, but still happy I learned a great deal during the process. The next one that followed didn't meet the goal, but it got close enough to show me that there were people interested in my properties as well. I just needed to work a little more and get them out better. Now comes this project, it started out faster than I expected, then hit a complete stop, then sat for a while, then began a slow creep back up. Then right when i looked away for a second.... it hit goal. I don't get super excited often, but this felt great. It means a lot to me..... 

So now i am attempting to hit additional goals, not just because that's what these campaigns do when they are funded with time still on the clock, but also because it can give me a chance to offer more, and spread the reach of the book out more, and possible give other artist I know some shine. Hitting the next few stretch goals would allow me to bring an artist or two in for variant prints and covers. Meaning I can spread the financial love to others and maybe introduce what they do to those who have supported me. So, if you happen upon this, please share the info, spread the link to the campaign Fairy Tale Knights   and if you haven't gotten the book, or a tee, or a book  mark, or something, please check the story and campaign out, and please share it. Thank you all, a few cons coming up soon, Soda City is next in Columbia SC, and more to follow!!! I will also be doing an in store at Rebel Base Comics and Toys on September 26th! come out and kick it!!! 
speak soon,

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